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Hi Friends,

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season in December.  I will be back at Sardella's for a short time in January.  Looking forward to seeing you then.

Don't forget I will be playing on New Years Eve with my Band at Vanderbuilt Grace hotel from 9 pm to 1 am.  There is no cover charge for the music.  If you are interested in also having dinner there, please call them directly for reservations.  The music however is open to the public and in the foyer.


Special Events
Oceancliff Annual Christmas Party
65 Ridge Rd, Newport, RI 02840, 841-8868,

Friday 12/16 8 pm to 11 pm 

Mary Andrews-vocals, Pat Cardeiro-guitar/vocals, Steve Heck-piano, Dennis Cook-sax, Jeff Fountain-drums

Vanberbilt Grace Hotel
New Years Eve Party

 41 Mary Street, Newport, RI  846-6200, 

Sat 12/31 9 pm to 1 am

Mary Andrews-vocals, Dick Lupino-bass/vocals, Jeff Fountain-drums, Steve Heck-piano

Dick Lupino Trio   

30 Memorial Blvd West
Newport, RI



7:30 10:00pm April September

7:00 9:30pm October March

12/07    -  Johnny and Leah Sosuz-vocals, Greg Wardson-piano, Alan Bernstein-Bass

12/14    -  Ann Austin-vocals, Bill Miele-bass, Greg Wardson-piano

12/21    -  Kirsanthi Papas-vocals , Steve Heck-piano. Tom Pasquerelli-Bass

12/28    -  Mary Andrews-vocals, Pat Cardeiro-guitar/vocal, Mike Moran-bass, Jeff Fountain-drums
              (Oldies Night)

Greenvale Vineyard

582 Wapping Road

Portsmouth, RI






 1:00 - 4:00pm

12/03  - Cassandre McKinley-vocals, Greg Wardson-piano, Dave Zinno-bass, Rick Wells-drums

12/10  - Mary Andrews-vocals, Pat Cardeiro-guitar/vocals, Mike Moran-bass, Rick Well-drums


Please remember that last minute schedule changes may occur, so please call to confirm.  401-683-6565

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