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Hi friends,

Fall has arrived.  We did have a great summer - weather wise!  Hopefully the fall will continue to be mild & pleasant.

Wed, Oct 1st marks our completion of 11 years at Sardella's - our heartfelt thanks to Richard Sardella & you, who attend our performances there.

Friday nights at The Chanler resumes on October 3rd & will continue to next spring.

On Tuesday, the 28th, the Dick Lupino Band will perform at The Cavalcade of Bands at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.  Advanced tix may be purchased by calling the Providence Federation of Musicians - 401 941-2717 or paying admission at the door. This is a great event - especially for those who love to dance, featuring full Big Bands in the ballroom & smaller dance bands in the foyer from 6 to 10 PM.

Another terrific line-up of performers:

Vocalists:  Sharon Zeffiro, Linda Calise, Nicolas King, Daryl Sherman, Bonnie Mann, Pat Mitchell.

Instrumentalists:  Johnny Souza (& vocals), Warren Chaisson (NY vibraphonist), Dennis Cook, Ted Casher

Pianists:  Chris Taylor, Steve Heck (& vocals), Kent Hewitt,Yvonne Monnett (& vocals), Jordan Nunes.

Hope to see you at one or more the these fine venues & again thank you for your continued support.


Special Events
 Rhodes On The Pawtuxet
Cranston, RI, 785-4333, 

Tuesday  10/28,
8 to 9 pm

Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Mary Andrews, vocal,Pat Cardeiro, guitar/vocal, Steve Heck, piano/vocas, Jeff Fountain, drums

Dick Lupino Trio   

30 Memorial Blvd West
Newport, RI



7:30 10:00pm April September

7:00 9:30pm October March

 10/1   -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Johnny Souza, trumpet/vocal, Chris Taylor, piano

10/8   -  Dick Lupino, bass/ vocal, Warren Chaisson, vibes, Steve Heck, piano/vocal

10/15  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Sharon Zeffiro, vocal, Steve Heck, piano vocal

10/22  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Linda Calise, vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano

10/29  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Nicolas King, vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano

Greenvale Vineyard

582 Wapping Road

Portsmouth, RI






 1:00 - 4:00pm

10/4     -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Bonnie Mann, vocal, Steve Heck, piano/vocal, Rick Wells, drums

10/11   -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Warren Chaisson, vibes,  Mike Renzi, piano, Rick Wells, drums

10/18   -  Dick Lupino, bass\/vocal, Kirk Feather, sax, Yvonne Monnett, piano/vocal, Rick Wells, drums

10/25  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Pat Mitchell, vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano, Rick Wells, drums

117 Memorial Boulevard
Newport, Rhode Island 02840




 6:00 - 10:00pm

10/3    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Dennis Cook, sax, Chris Taylor, piano

10/10  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Warren Chaisson, vibes, Chris Taylor, piano

10/17  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Johnny Souza, trrumpet/vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano

10/24  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Daryl Sherman, vocal,                  Yvonne Monnett, piano/vocal

10/31  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Sharon Zeffiro, vocal, Jordan Nunes, piano

Please remember that last minute schedule changes may occur, so please call to confirm.  401-683-6565

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