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Hi Friends,

As most of you know, Sherrill & I have spent the winter at her house in Sosua, Dominican Republic.  We arrived on Jan, 18th, & will return this Thurs, Apr, 8th, after 11 weeks.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay, & except for missing family & all of you, we are reluctant to leave.

I've begun to establish myself as a working musician here, & have played several gigs with various local musicians.  Dennis Cook visited in Feb, & we played a few jazz gigs.  Yvonne Monnett rented a house here for the month of March & we did several jazz gigs at restaurants & bars in Sosua & Cabarete.  I also formed a rock 'n' roll/oldies trio, Island Breeze,  with a couple of ex-patriot Americans & we played at various bars & restaurants, as well.  So it has been a very enjoyable winter!

Please note the TIME CHANGE at Sardella's - Apr thru Oct - 7:30 to 10.  I will perform with Angela Bacari & (unless his schedule changes) Mike Renzi on 4/13.  Hope to see many of you there, then, & throughout the year.  Remember the Greenvale season begins next month on Sat, May 7th, 1 to 4 PM.

I very much look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,
Diego Ricardo, international man of mystery!!!!!!!

Special Events

Dick Lupino Trio   

30 Memorial Blvd West
Newport, RI



7:30 10:00pm April September

7:00 9:30pm October March

4/27    - ** OLDIES NIGHT **
Dick Lupino, bass/vocals, Mary Andrews, vocals,  Pat Cardeiro, guitar/vocal, Jeff Fountain, drum

5/4    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Ida Zecco, vocal, Mike Renzi, piano

5/11  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Mike Renzi, piano, Gary Johnson, drums

5/18  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Kim Marcoux, vocal, Greg Wardson, piano

5/25  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Karen Frisk, vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano

Greenvale Vineyard

582 Wapping Road

Portsmouth, RI






 1:00 - 4:00pm

5/7    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Shawnn Monteiro, vocal, Greg Wardson, piano, Rick Wells, drums

5/14 - Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Mary Andrews, vocal, Greg Wardson, piano, Rick Wells, drums

5/21  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, John Baboian, guitar, Dennis Cook, sax, Rick Wells, drums

5/28  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Isabel Stover, vocal, Pamela Hines, piano, Rick Wells, drums


117 Memorial Boulevard
Newport, Rhode Island 02840




 6:00 - 10:00pm

Music to return soon.

Please remember that last minute schedule changes may occur, so please call to confirm.  401-683-6565

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