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Hi friends,

Summer - finally!  I can't complain, I've experienced summer weather Jan thru early April.  Hope you are all well & will come visit soon.  Again, thank all of you for your continued support.


Special Events

Dick Lupino Trio   

30 Memorial Blvd West
Newport, RI



7:30 10:00pm April September

7:00 9:30pm October March

6/22  -  Dick Lupino. bass/vocal, Marlene VerPlanck, vocal, Mac Chrupcala, piano

6/29  -  **OLDIES NIGHT** 

Classic Pop/Dance music
from 50s thru 90s

 Dick Lupino, bass/vocal
Mary Andrews, vocal
 Pat Cardeiro, guitar/vocal
Jeff Fountain, drums

7/6    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal,  Renee Legendre, vocal, Pamela Hines, piano

7/13 -   Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Krisanthi Pappas, vocal, Yvonne Monnett, piano

7/20  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Brenda Keen, vocal,  Mac Chrupcala, piano


Dick Lupino, bass/vocal
Shawnn Monteiro, vocal
Greg Wardson, piano

Greenvale Vineyard

582 Wapping Road

Portsmouth, RI






 1:00 - 4:00pm

6/18   -    Joe Esposito, sax, Kent Hewitt, piano,  Paul Del Nero, bass, Rick Wells, drums

6/25   -    Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Marlene VerPlanck, vocal, Mike Renzi, piano, Rick Wells, drums

7/2    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Ginny Conley, vocal, Bill Moretti, piano, Rick Wells, drums

7/9    -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Karen Frisk, vocal, Kent Hewitt, piano, Rick Wells, drums

7/16  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal,  Ethel Lee, vocal, Chris Taylor, piano, Rick Wells, drums

7/23  -  Dick Lupino, bass/vocal, Joanne Rodino, vocal, John Monllos, guitar, Rick Wells, drums

7/30  -  Greg Abate, sax, Ben Cook, piano, Paul Del Nero, bass, Gary Johnson, drums


Please remember that last minute schedule changes may occur, so please call to confirm.  401-683-6565

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